Returning outside, there is the new glue-laminated wood structure, the first in the sequence of spaces which wants to be utilized, interacted with, tell the story of the company and illuminate.

It means to give an open landscape view and to save the balance between the Villa, the Court and the north site of the park. A visual relation exists between them. The architectural structure and the landscape will find new ways to communicate by linking previously related paths and textures, with no elements that may prevent people from looking at the newly-rediscovered Residenza, being part of the city landscape again.

A high level of permeability trough the area is obtained, the former barriers to be crossed, are integrated into the site. A new hierarchy is established between public and individual spaces, fast and slow, open and closed. Articulated communal areas coexisting with intimate spaces, contribute to enhance the sustainability of the urban development.

A platform, placed in a central position in respect to the two walls, is visible and easily reachable from every part of the station and all the movement is collected here before the decent to the trains.

The urban scheme is characterized by a high level of flexibility, in a way that the limits between the residential space and the public space can change according to the situation. The public green areas are designed to connect the settlements of new construction with the consolidated parts of the city.