Settlement of 300 houses in Izola, Slovenia

The project was conceived to create a soft but clear transition between public, semipublic and residential space.
The semipublic space acts like a fluid, filling the gaps and containing the necessary functions. The urban scheme is characterized by a high level of flexibility, in a way that the limits between the residential space and the public space can change according to the situation.

Europan 7 - maatEuropan 7 - maatEuropan 7 - maat

It was conceived as an overall concept applicable to the entire area, able to mend the deficient interventions in the spatial consistency.
The public green areas are designed to connect the settlements of new construction with the consolidated parts of the city. This functional diversity aims to promote social interaction.
The different residential schemes respond to different requirements to come to an agreement with the morphology of the territory and to create a spatial structure characterized by variety.


COEX, Martina Tabò
Ileana Marchisio, Armanda Pluviano
Izola, Slovenia