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Inventing Urbanity Regeneration - Revitalisation - Colonization

The proposal takes its moves from the surrounding urban fabric and landscape, together with the programmatic mix.
The search was towards the design of a system of predominantly pedestrian public spaces, highly linked to the existing network, to start a process of urban regeneration.

A high level of permeability is obtained, rediscovering an extraordinary part of town, of a great historical importance, overlooking the city.
From an introverted mono-functional plot in the heart of town, to a vibrant public area, becoming the natural town centre.

Europan 10 Maat
Europan 10 Maat

A network of diffused polarities is structuring the site, attracting people and activities, intensifying the existing sequence of public spaces.
The site is designs to become a permeable system, a network of public spaces with a clear hierarchy, that reorganizes flows and re-establishes connections. Highly recognizable quality spaces will contribute in forming a local identity, attracting residents, local people and tourists.


Team Leader
Martina Tabò
Project Team
Daniele Baiotto, Maria Pilo di Boyl
Carlotta Cortese, Mariangela Deiana, Andrea Fiumefreddo, Ileana Marchisio, Paolo Pellegrino
Saintes, France