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Agenda 2030

The central theme at Expo 2015- “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life’, will be tackled by considering local special features within a global-scale debate, which may show a clear future agenda.
A short-term programme, “Agenda 2030”, that can be also shared throughout co-creative processes before the inauguration of the event.
Visitors will reach the Swiss Pavilion by the main Cardus axis and will first cross a big square with a grassy slope, outlined by filtering fabric panels, narrating the history of Switzerland as if they were pages of a big open book.
This central space will host events and represent a meeting point and a knowledge place as well.

These pages, made of high fabric stripes, will be browsed during the six months of the event, thus offering several tales, marking the time to the events taking place there and spreading Switzerland’s future agenda.
A ramp will lead visitors upstairs, allowing them to softly explore a path snaking through settings, sensory journeys and unexpected sequences.

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Design Project
Martina Tabò
Design Team
Mimosa Beck Peccoz, Carlotta Cortese, Mariangela Deiana, Martina Gallia, Ileana Marchisio, Paolo Pellegrino
Energy Advice
Carlo Micono
Expo 2015, Milano