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A well-known publicity agency changes offices moving to a space already left renovated by a failing internet services company.
The offices occupy the entire third floor of two different adjoining buildings.
The request of the client was to radically modify the image and the functionality of the environment but maintain the majority of the recent work and the existing furnishings within a principle scope of keeping the costs within the strictest limits.

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The program was also confronted with the slenderness of the spaces, hardly sufficient to accommodate an agency with more than 85 employees. The project decided to divide the spaces into public and private: on one side the jointing of all the operational offices in a way that guarantees sufficiently comfortable space for the employees, on the other side the strong characterization of the image of the spaces.

R Prospetto RedCell

Subhash Mukerjee, Martina Tabò
Project Size
900 mq
Red Cell - Milano